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More Testimonials

Vanessa is so much more than an educator... she teaches kids to value and respect themselves and others, to explore and find meaning in their surroundings, to love and enjoy life deeply, and to laugh and be happy. My daughter - who was in Vanessa's classes for more than 2 years - flourished into a kind, curious, loving, social, capable and confident child. While the Montessori principles are core to her teachings, Vanessa infuses creativity and culture into the curriculum daily - through the awe-inspiring and original musical dramatic performances to beautiful and insightful multicultural art projects.

Sona Illiffe- Moon




Not many people care as much as Vanessa does. This translates into a higher power of education for our children. Vanessa provides our kids a base that stays with them for a lifetime. We trust her like a 3rd parent for our children. A+++!!

Kilay Reinfeld



Vanessa is an amazing teacher/person all around.  She treats children with love and respect. She is present, kind and if I were back in preschool, I would want Vanessa as MY teacher.

Renee Stahl Dektor

I have many great things to say about Vanessa Raderman because she is a gentle loving wonderful teacher, but boy, can she put on a show! I never imagined that anyone could get a group of preschool students to do flamenco dance as Don Quixote characters, or sing about the constellations but she does it! And my shy children bloomed performing in these shows! Vanessa is as patient as she is kind and has a way of helping children find their self confidence. I am so so lucky that my young ones got her as a teacher. What a foundation for their lives.

Merrin Drake



Vanessa is the most outstanding curriculum designer for preschools I know. She is a happy and loving teacher that empowers children creativity and passion for learning. Nothing but the best.

Gianmar Molero



Working with Vanessa was a blessing. She is not only phenomenal at working with children but also with adults. Her passion and creativity is unprecedented and is clearly visible in the work she creates. Wether working on a job with a child, or putting together a play for a 100 preschoolers, her energy is unmatched. The clairvoyance Vanessa has is the driving force behind all extraordinary projects wether small or big. She allows both the individual child and adult to not only exploit their full potential, but also explore and tap into their minds, their creativity pushing limits one did not know even exist. You're in good hands here!!!

Maha Mikati


I am excited for the future families that will attend this incredible school. I feel blessed that all three of my boys have had an opportunity to learn and grow in a developmentally rich and loving environment with Vanessa Katz Raderman. Her early childhood development expertise is key for new families navigating the big transition in to preschool. She brings so much love to each child allowing them to blossom during these precious preschool years. Vanessa’s creative genius is present in all of her work. You are in for a treat!

Mireya Ignacio Guerrero

As the principal of an urban elementary school, I had the pleasure of watching Vanessa Raderman create and implement an incredible musical drama program for many lucky students. The young actors gained knowledge of the theater, but more importantly they learned respect for each other, self confidence performing in front of an audience and their ability to work as a part of a group to present a full performance. I watched the children truly love the program and stay with it for many years. The performance were quite professional for an elementary school in their staging, costuming and the students participation. I would sincerely recommend a program with Vanessa in the directing chair. Good luck!

Principal Kerry Harr


Vanessa Katz Raderman is by far, the best teacher my daughter has ever had. Whenever my daughter came home from pre-school, she would have so many "Miss Vanessa" stories about you name it: stars and planets, counting, French, dancing, art, taking turns, sharing, being assertive, and most of all, being kind. Now my daughter is in elementary school, and every single one of her teachers compliments me on what a smart, kind child she is. I owe it all to Miss Vanessa! I just had my second baby, but you can bet when she's old enough, she will be at Greenleaf Mindful Montessori!

Rae Toledo Latsch

Vanessa is brilliant in her ability to create an environment where children flourish. My nine year old, who has been taught by her for 4 years says, “She respects everyone and she really loves children. She’s herself, and that makes it fun to be around her. She’s funny and interesting and, I don’t know Mom, she’s just awesome!

Jen Lipman


There are not enough words to express the amount of love and passion that goes into everything Ms.Vanessa touches. She truly believes the child is the curriculum. Her natural ability to promote each child's individuality is amazing. The self-confidence and creativity my daughter gained from having her as a teacher will never fade. She provides an environment in which children can explore and learn as they build the stepping stones needed for a life long learning foundation. I myself flourish working around her positivity!

Annie DeBilzen

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