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Welcome to our shop.  Our little corner for intentional giving

Product pictures by Catherine Kang

From our Content Creators


We are two Montessori teachers and moms who met over 15

years ago. After the pandemic we have reunited, eager to share with you our experience as educators and moms in different

stages of life. While one of us has just sent her kids off to college, the other one is having her daughter starting preschool. We both deeply value the importance of mindfulness and an intentional education and are here to support you in your parenting journey. We begin our collaboration from the root of one of our pillars: gratitude.


We are experiencing deep gratitude that we have made it through these last few years. Gratitude to have reunited. Gratitude for our children (both at home and in the classroom) that constantly keep us grounded and present in the wonder and essence of childhood.


Finally grateful for YOU, for giving two Latin American, small business girl bosses, a chance to share with you our labor of love.

Con mucho amor,

Vanessa & Anissa

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