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Our featured item is our Gratitude box.  Mindfully created by two seasoned Montessori educators with a passion for supporting children on their journey in this human experience. In this box you will find 6 items purposefully  crafted to support the idea that gratitude is born from within. 


Gratitude is a feeling we get when our heart expands and notices the tiny things that make us feel complete and present. It is a feeling that bursts out of our hearts and can't contain itself. It is a feeling of awe and of wonderment.


The contents of the box include: 


🍎(1) Montessori inspired apple transferring work rooted in Practical Life exercises. This job is intended to help the child ground and focus in order to build awareness.  


🤎 (1) Heart Rock activity with paint markers which can be designed and decorated to showcase your child’s artistic expression while serving as a reminder that gratitude is something we can carry within our hearts.


🍁 (1) Gratitude Art mobile which gives your child the opportunity to discuss with an adult what they are grateful for daily and display as a visual reminder.


✨ (1) Set of Gratitude in Action Cards for your child to practice the feeling of gratitude by observing the smaller details in life.


🌀(1) The Greenleaf Maze in which your children can practice lengthening focus and concentration while making mindful and intentional movements along the spiral maze. The spiral represents the evolution and growth of the spirit. A moment of intentional focus and concentration to reach the center. Also known as the universal symbol of gratitude


🧺 (1) Nature Basket complete with objects found in nature and a magnifying glass to ignite your child’s interest and encourage them to look around the big world with the eyes of a discoverer. Gratitude comes from an appreciation of small things. This basket gives you the opportunity to notice detail, like the grooves on a shell, the touch of a pine cone and so much more. Take a moment each day to look around and see the wonder of nature.

Gratitude Themed Box

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$180.00 Regular Price
$50.00Sale Price
  • The contents of the box include (1) Montessori inspired Apple Transferring work  (1) Heart Rock activity with paint markers. Markers are made of environment friendly water-based ink, these acrylic paint markers are non-toxic, odor free and kid safe. (1) Gratitude hanging art mobile. It includes 3-4 wooden leaves, 3 Oil Pastels (Safe and nontoxic, ideal for children ages 3 and up) yarn, cotton twine string, wooden disk, post-its, and a variety of plastic beads. (1) set of Gratitude in action cards. (1) Mindful Maze  (1) Nature basket complete with objects found in nature and a magnifying glass.

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