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Greenleaf Online

Mindful Montessori at Home

Greenleaf Mindful Montessori Online provides a way to give your child structure, to open curiosity, and deepen their love for learning at home!

Self paced course is now open

With Greenleaf Online You Get:

Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 10.10.59
Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 10.10.59

Online guidance from an experienced Montessori preschool teacher to explore Mindful Montessori at home in order to help you build a space for independent play and exploration. Support through short and sweet videos that will provide daily anchors, inspiration, and structure. Our carefully crafted, age appropriate invitations, designed for the 3-5 year old, will spark your child's bubbles of curiosity and love of learning.

Your child will get a variety of at least 5 prompts daily which include:

Invitations in:

  • Montessori

  • Mindfulness

  • Science

  • Arts and Crafts

  • Snack Making


Plus Daily Story Time

Weekly enrichment


  • Music

  • French

  • Art

Montessori DIYs

Multicultural Studies


Introduction to:

  • Montessori Language

  • Montessori  Math

  • Small Motor tools

  • Mindfulness

In 12-weeks your child will:


Become more independent

Create new work habits at home 

Become more focused

Learn new ways to self regulate and practice mindfulness

Create a repertoire of  exercises to do again and again

Become more creative and resourceful

Contribute more at home

Have more structure


"We go on story time! Also I want to do jobs, and my favorite one is the grating job because it makes me very happy. I like Greenleaf school and jobs." 

     - Claire, Age 3 

IMG_1823 (1).jpeg

The Details

Greenleaf online offers a 12-week course for children 3-5 years old*,  to help you bring a Mindful Montessori curriculum to your home through an online course with daily invitations made for your child to follow.  

At the end of these 12-weeks your child, your home, and you will be set up to continue exploring independently and adding invitations with very little effort. As Darren Hardy says in the Compound Effect: "Consistency is the key to achieving and maintaining momentum." 

Are you ready to take this journey with me? All I ask is that you commit to the first month so that you can give it the program a real chance to work its the magic. 

* The program in it's entirety works best for children 3-5 years old, however it really depends on the maturity, focus, and personality of each child; the age can fluctuate up or down. If you are not sure if this is for your child you can email me here with your questions.


$7.20 per day for the 12-weeks (Monday-Thursdays)

  • 1-payment of $350  

BONUS: you also get 12 "Themed-Fridays" 

"The amount of love, effort and thought you put into creating this online content for our little ones is incredible! The content covers all the aspects of Montessori and so easy to execute even as I work full time from home! Raynah starts her mornings with Story Time with Ms. Jenna. More power to you and your team for bringing this content to other families," 

     - Shermeen, Greenleaf Momma 


What happens after the 12 weeks?

Your child and you will be used to a new way of “working” at home. Your child will have more structure, gain more focus, and create a new work habit, plus their curiosity and love of learning will be nourished. Resources are plentiful, and I will give you more resources as we go. The most important thing that you will get out of this 12-week period is finding the trust in your child’s ability to function independently as you observe them explore. Your child will gain the confidence and resourcefulness to be more self sufficient, curious, and inquisitive. Finally, our mission at Greenleaf always, is  to be the spark that lights up that intrinsic love for learning and the oxygen that gives it structure and longevity.

What if my child doesn't want to go on the computer?

The more consistent you are at providing the platform with regularity the more apt your child will be to participate and begin building their repertoire of independent activities. It is about creating habits. At first, it will depend on each child’s personality. Some children are by nature, “observers” and they might just sit and watch activities before warming up to jump in, while others jump in full force. I see this year after year with our kids in school, some spend a month just observing and others want to explore the entire classroom in 1 day. It is about observing your child and trusting the process. My advice is to simply put it on and invite your child to participate; if they don't want to, keep putting it on and commenting by yourself what's being offered. Children that are observers need to watch the consistency play-out before they feel safe to participate. The children that tend to jump in, may "crash and burn" later on, so when they do you can do the same thing that you would do with the observant child. It is all a matter of CONSISTENCY CONSISTENCY CONSISTENCY, and trusting the proccess!

How long will my child be occupied?

It really varies, Anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour worth of focused learning daily, depending on your child’s personality and age. Longer, if they want to do all of the prompts. I recommend breaking it up into parts to give your child anchors throughout the day. For example: Watch all the videos and read all of the prompts together in the morning and decide which ones your child wants to work on today. Do the quick ones (like the letter of the day or the Montessori prompts) and then prep for the longer ones, like the experiments or art prompts for the afternoon. After lunch, watch Story Time and then have your child do one of the experiments or art invitations. The Montessori jobs are meant to be add ons, so by week four you should have a bunch of your basic “Practical Life exercises” which your child can explore and do again and again daily in one of the work blocks. So set up a materials shelf where you can keep adding the “jobs.” You will get a guide breaking down how to set up your space for maximum benefits in the introduction of the course.

"Having both elementary and preschool-aged children, it can be challenging to plan for at-home learning that is right for both of their needs. My three-year-old benefits greatly from the Greenleaf Online curriculum because she can do activities alongside her older sister who has virtual learning during the day. The lessons help her have structured fun.

She still gets to do her "important work" of playing and learning during our time at home. 

     - Marissa, Greenleaf Momma 



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